7 Days with Media 2020 without leaving home

Since 2013, from 7 to 9 May, the 7 Days with the Media initiative has been organized. This is an operation that invites citizens and institutions to promote some form of action, reflection, and/or discussion about the media, their role, and effects on individual and collective life.

In these COVID-19 pandemic times, when staying at home and social distancing are highly recommended, the media, always fundamental to the perception of the reality that surrounds us, assume an even more reinforced and central role in building that same perception, constituting almost the “only window to the world” that we have.

Due to these circumstances, the initiative was changed to 7 Days with Media 2020 without leaving home. For this reason, we suggest that from home, families, or different actors interacting online – teachers with their students, students with other colleagues from school, university, members of associations, neighbors, media – create or join some activity within the initiative.

The theme and type of activity to be carried out are free. They can also take on an individual character if that is the preference. All conjugations are allowed and welcome! It is only required that they focus on the competent, critical, and responsible use of the media by the citizens, either as recipients or in their capacity as content producers, namely through social networks.

We are experiencing an exceptional context where even contact with all those who do not live with us is done, almost exclusively, through audiovisual and online media, where the use of social networks has intensified, information is constantly being shared without filters and there are, naturally, a climate of great uncertainty, ignorance, and anxiety. Disinformation and false news proliferate, with the risk of causing social damage, particularly in terms of public health. Therefore, the challenges launched will be centered on the topics of Disinformation and Fake News and Online Security.

Anyone who wants to join the 7 Days with Media 2020 without leaving home can join one or more of these challenges. Or, if you prefer, create activities on those or any other topics that fit the objectives mentioned at the beginning.

It is also possible to participate by sending testimonies of the activity carried out – in the form of drawing, photography, poster, news, video, podcast … – directly to the address 7diasmedia@gmail.com.

More information here.

[Posted: 22-04-2020]