CECS marks International Listening Day

See and write with sound on International Listening Day
A session to reflect on the ability of sound to suggest images. A workshop to experience writing from sounds. These are the two initiatives that researchers from the Communication and Society Research Centre organize to mark in Braga International Listening Day. On days 17, 18 and 19, the proposal is to see and write from the sound.

Sound is an important language as the word or image. It is in this conviction that the celebration of International Listening Day, created in 2010, was founded. Promoting the appreciation of the acoustic experience in an era that seems dominated by visual communication is the main objective of this initiative, which is marked on July 18, in honor of to Canadian composer and researcher R. Murray Schafer, author of the concept of sound landscape.

Joining the network of sound activists who, through the celebration of this day, seek to raise awareness of the relevance of sound language, a group of researchers from the Communication and Society Research Centre of the University of Minho organizes in Braga on 17 , July 18 and 19 a program of activities that also have as purpose to invite to the exercise of listening.

On Wednesday, the 17th, the projection of Felix Blume’s film Curupira, bicho do mato, gives the motto for a session in which to talk about the images that the sounds can suggest. To see the sound, to see with the sound is a proposal of sonorous tertúlia, that will include the listening of pieces of sound in the dark and a free conversation on the experience of listening. The session will take place at the Teacher’s House on Central Avenue, starting at 9:30 p.m.

On Thursday and Friday, 18 and 19, the celebration will continue in the garden of the Centésima Página bookstore (also on Central Avenue). Between 17h and 21h00, the suggestion is to explore the potentialities of writing from sounds. Listening and recording in a shelter to tell stories and secrets is the proposal for a more intimate and inspiring experience that will end with a listening walk amplified by the downtown avenues.

The celebration of the International Listening Day in Braga is an initiative developed under the research project “Audire: saving sound memories”, in progress at the Communication and Society Research Centre at the University of Minho. Participation in both activities is free.

[Posted: 17-07-2019]