CECS updates style book

In the publications edited by the CECS, some foreigners may no longer be italicized. According to the updated edition of the “Manual of Publications – CECS editions stylebook”, words such as software, hardware, online, website, download or newsletter can dispense with any type of highlighting, since they are considered in current use and do not have considered sufficiently equivalent in the Portuguese language.

Although it is already planned in the first edition of March 2015, the writing in accordance with the new spelling agreement is another aspect reinforced by this update, which has just been made available on the CECS website. In a section devoted to “notes on the language”, it is clarified that “although many authors continue to show resistance to adaptation to the new Portuguese orthography, the CECS determines that the texts published in magazines or books of its edition follow the new spelling”. This norm does not, however, invalidate the respect for the different variants of the Portuguese language. Recognizing that “the publication of works in a collaborative way, especially with Brazilian authors, is increasingly frequent”, in this revised edition it becomes more explicit that “the CECS recommends respecting the particularities of Portuguese writing in its various variants (Brazil, Angola, Mozambique …)”.

Published in order to systematize the norms and style that should be followed by the authors who publish in the CECS, the “Manual of Publications – CECS editions stylebook” essentially follows the American Psychological Association (APA) style – one of the most commonly used in the Social Sciences and Humanities. It does, however, introduce some adaptations, which relate in particular to linguistic peculiarities, for example with regard to the use of capital letters.

Four sections organize this manual, which also adopts the visual identity (the color blue) of the CECS publication activity. In the first, on general aspects, expositions on the language are presented and the collections edited by the centre are presented. In the second, the specificities of the style followed are explained in detail. The third one is dedicated to bibliographic reference standards, the fourth one being reserved for procedures for the preparation and forwarding of originals.

Reflecting a greater concern with the description of examples that illustrate the norms and with the insertion of explanatory text boxes, the second edition of the “Manual of Publications – CECS editions stylebook” expresses, according to the director of the Editorial Department, the purpose of “making the work of scientific dissemination more and more professional”. According to Moisés de Lemos Martins, the updated emphasizes, on the other hand, “the responsibilities that the center has for the production of knowledge in the Portuguese language, in a register of quality comparable to the international publishers of reference”.

[Text published 22-09-2018]