Call for Ebook: Sustainability and Decarbonization – For a Practical Guide

Promoting sustainability is at the heart of the UN goals for the millennium. In order for such a design to become a reality, particularly with regard to the decarbonization and adoption of sustainable practices, it is necessary to increase scientific culture and promote public participation in science and technology, involving populations in the diagnosis and elaboration of behavioral change.

It is also imperative to generate reflexivity on the various challenges facing territories and their futures today, in the face of complex processes underway, linked to globalization, climate change, migration and digitization, which produce diverse phenomena that affect well-being of populations in the present and future, in areas as diverse as food, health, housing and transportation.

It is in this sense that we open the call for this digital book composed of texts and other brief contributions and with two main objectives:

  • to gather contributions that allow to know ongoing projects on these themes and within the framework of sustainability and decarbonisation;
  • provide practical methodologies and recommendations to institutions and the general public on the adoption of sustainable policies and behaviors, elucidating care, trends and pilot experiences.

The topics related to smart cities, lifestyles and consumption, traffic, road safety, transport and travel, technologies and mobilities, energy consumption, housing and uses of time, average and scientific culture and decarbonization are some suggestions, all the proposals that are important for the promotion of knowledge and intervention in the area of sustainability, in its various aspects, are presented.

We propose that this project be interdisciplinary and bring together contributions from various scientific areas and agents that act in practice in the most diverse areas.

Authors can contribute texts that integrate different formats (illustrations, case studies, best practices and recommendations, interviews, experiences, histories, documentary information, among others).

It calls for the multidisciplinary participation of researchers, teachers and local actors involved in intervention and development projects in the sending of texts (between 5 and 15 pages, space 1.5 Times New Roman, APA citation language accessible to the non-academic public to the following email address by December 15th. Proposals must be accompanied by information about the author.

This ebook is part of the study “Sociological dimensions of sustainability and decarbonization – a study carried out within the scope of the BUILD project plan, coordinated by the Braga Municipal Council, in partnership with the University of Minho and INL, financed by the Environmental Fund .

Important dates:
January 20 February 10, 2019- receipt of proposals

Editors: Emília Araújo, Rita Ribeiro and Márcia Silva

[Text by Rita Ribeiro, published on 10-15-2018 | modified 21-01-2019]