Culture in the post-North 2020

As part of the process of preparing the program to succeed the North 2020 Program (North 2020), the Regional Directorate for Culture of the North (DRCN) commissioned a study from the POLObs of the CECS, which contributed to the definition of a Regional Cultural Strategy and Policy, that reflected structurally the common and shared interests of the region and, thus, the major investment options to be defined for the next 10 years. The results of the study “Culture in the post-North 2020” are now available online and will be presented publicly in the last quarter of 2020.

The investigation was designed with the objective of diagnosing some of the dimensions of the local cultural policies of the North region (municipal bodies, formal management instruments, financial resources, human resources, cultural venues, immovable cultural heritage, cultural associations) that began in 2017; to assess how some of the actors in the region (municipalities, intercity entities and cultural sector organizations) evaluate the presence of culture in the priorities defined for North 2020; identify the strategic vision of municipalities in the North for municipal cultural policies until 2030; gather contributions from actors in the region (municipalities, intercity entities and cultural sector organizations) on the priorities, in the area of ​​culture, in the program that will succeed North 2020; and identify good national and international cultural policy practices at the regional scale.

The study “Culture in the post-North 2020”, which took place between February and July 2020, integrated a methodology that combined a qualitative approach with a quantitative approach and in addition to documentary analysis, the main data collection instruments were a survey by online questionnaire, applied in the months of February and April to the municipalities in the DRCN’s area of ​​influence, and the organization of 15 discussion groups with representatives of EIM’s, municipalities and organizations and professionals in the cultural sector.

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[Posted: 09-10-2020]