Specialized Training Course in Fundamentals for Scientific Research

At the initiative of the rectory and the organic units, a Specialized Training Course in Fundamentals for Scientific Research (dispatch RT/C-98/2020) was recently created, aimed at holders of at least the degree of graduate in any area of knowledge (operating order – RT/C-101/2020).

The course aims to familiarize the trainees with basic principles of research, communication and research management, as well as providing them with scientific and technical research skills in the area in which they work, in order to prepare them for the exercise of scientific research in respective work areas.

In addition to responding to the FCT’s requirement that research fellows be enrolled in a course that grants or not a degree, but that grants a diploma, this transversal training course also contributes to address training needs identified by the Research Centers in its fellows and to promote the development of skills in another potential interested in carrying out quality scientific research.

The course has 30 ECTS, works in person, on Friday and Saturday morning. Each trainee attends six-course units, three of which are optional. The teaching team, highly qualified and experienced in research, belongs to nine organic units and has technicians from different service units linked to research.

Applications take place between 15 and 21 December 2020; classes are scheduled to start on January 14, 2021.

Applications will be made on a platform made available for this purpose http://lab.ie.uminho.pt/cursoinvestigacao/, in which candidates must upload the necessary documents for the application:

  • Short Curriculum Vitae;
  • Certificate (s) of academic qualifications (in a single PDF) and;
  • Proof of payment of application fee.

In this first edition, and in order to allow a simpler and more effective articulation between the various professors of the course and the different organic and service units involved, the course director will be the Pro-Rector for Research and Projects, Filipe Vaz, in close articulation with the Organic Units and with the Vice-Rector for Education, Laurinda Leite.

More information can be obtained through the following address and email: cursofundamentosinvestigacao@reitoria.uminho.pt

[Posted: 15-12-2020]