Available new volume of Comunicação e Sociedade on Time and Media

Comunicação e Sociedade, 35, edited by Emília Araújo and Patrícia Matos, dedicated to the theme “Time and Media”, is available in open access.

The editors of this volume say that “this issue brings together some themes that have come to be suggested by the authors themselves, following diverse theoretical alignments, namely crossing the concepts of duration, waiting, synchronization and acceleration in an informative context”

Technical Data
Title: Time and Media
Journal editor: Moisés de Lemos Martins
Associate editor: Manuel Pinto
Volume Editors – June 2019: Emília Araújo and Patrícia Matos
Graphic Director and Digital Editiing: Alberto and Pedro Portela
Editorial Assistant: Zara Pinto-Coelho
Graphic Assistant: Ricardina Magalhães

[Posted: 28-06-2019]