Interview with Ana Maria Nogales

“I want to learn a little more from the expertise already developed here at the University of Minho”

Ana Maria Nogales Vasconcelos is a professor at the University of Brasilia, Brazil, and is conducting a research visit at CECS for a period of one year. She is a demographer and investigates in the areas of Health and Education.

Graduated in Statistics from the university where she teaches today, Ana Maria Nogales specialized in Demography during her masters degree at the College of Mexico. The theme of Migration was the theme that accompanied this multidisciplinary researcher during her stay in Mexico, paying special attention to the migratory phenomenon between Mexico and the United States of America. The theme of Health and mortality was an interest that arose later, when she returned to the University of Brasilia as a teacher.

In her PhD, she joined Statistics and mortality in a project tha she developed at the Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium. It was in this country that she met CECS researcher Alice Matos, and it was this relationship that motivated her to visit Portugal. Ana Maria Nogales is in CECS for a period of one year, which she will use to develop her research on the theme of aging, in partnership with Alice Matos. “It is a very important theme for Brazil as well as for Portugal”, says the researcher.

With this stay, Ana Maria Nogales hopes to “know a little more about the research [project Share], about the methodology and methods of data analysis for longitudinal data”. The researcher also believes that this resort will allow her to better understand the Brazilian reality compared to the Portuguese. “Brazil is aging very quickly. This longitudinal research is recent. So this data is still very new and not sufficiently worked and I want to learn a little more from the expertise already developed here at the University of Minho”.

[Posted: 15-10-2019]