Felisbela Lopes and Leonete Botelho debating with the Portuguese President

Taking as starting point of the debate the book Marcelo, President every day (2019), Felisbela Lopes, CECS researcher and associate professor of UMinho, and Leonete Botelho, Público journalist and chairman of the Professional Portfolio Committee of Journalist, spoke with the President of the Republic on September 2, at the Belém Palace. The initiative was part of the Book Festival attended by about seven thousand people.

The meaning and impact of the book fairs, the encouragement of reading for the young, the state support for the press and ways of cohabitation between Belém and S. Bento were some of the topics of a conversation that led the President to announce the decentralization of the Book Festival and underlining the need to reopen the debate on how to financially support a press in crisis. In this debate, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa also spoke of the limitations of political commentary and news coverage of the political field. Because there are dimensions that journalism can’t explore, he admitted.

[Posted: 05-09-2019]