Scientific studies

Scientific studies

Scientific studies

Research on the impact of COVID-19 on the population aged 50 or over | SHARE Project

Analysis of Covid-19’s news coverage | Felisbela Lopes, Rita Araújo and Alberto Sá

Education during the pandemic: transmedia literacy skills and teaching strategies in digital environments | Inês Amaral

Use of mobile applications during social isolation | Inês Amaral

Impacts of COVID-19 on the Portuguese cultural sector | Manuel Gama, Rui Vieira Cruz, Daniel Noversa and Joana Almada (POLObs platform)

Return to work after COVID-19 | Ana Paula Marques

Portuguese search trends, through Google, during quarantine | Fábio Ribeiro

The journalistic production processes during the pandemic, the information produced about the Coronavirus and the effects of the infodemia | Edson Capoano and Pedro Costa

Collection of materials on Twitter | Luís Santos and Francisco Conrado

‘Queer sync’ on TikTok: the normalization of non-heteronormativity during the Covid-19 pandemic | Inês Amaral

Health Communication: media coverage and crisis management COVID-19 at a university | Teresa Ruão, Sofia Gomes and Sónia Silva

Analysis of Covid-19’s news coverage in Portugal, Spain and Italy | Sofia Gomes

Social and organizational dimensions that are the product and factor of the pandemic | Ivo Domingues

Food behavior of consumers in Portugal and Brazil during the first phase of the quarantine | Cynthia Luderer

Tour: From the Square to the Balcony | Passeio platform

EU Political Agenda of COVID-19 Crisis: Mechanisms and Financial Instruments to Mitigate the Economic Effects of the Pandemic in Newspapers ‘El País’ and ‘El Mundo’ | Mafalda Lobo

Viral Urban Tourism within Viral Society | Pedro de Andrade

Cultural Resistance to Covid-19: An Encyclopedia of Public & Mobile Art for Artists and Tourism Publics | Pedro de Andrade

L’ Effet Pessoa: Écritures Numériques Hybrides et Virales | Pedro de Andrade e Marc Veyrat

Sociological Poetry using Apps and e-Books Anti-Virus | Pedro Andrade