PhD in Geography, by the University College London, in 2002, Anabela Carvalho is a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Communication Sciences of the University of Minho, where she teaches Communication, Science and the Environment, International Communication and Political Communication. She is the Director of the PhD programme “Communication Studies: Technology, Culture and Society“, funded by the Portuguese Agency for the Science FCT.

Her research focuses on various forms of environment, science and political communication with a particular emphasis on mediations of climate change, as well as connections to public engagement.

Anabela Carvalho co-founded Sopcom (The Portuguese Assocation for the Communication Sciences) and IECA (International Environmental Communication Association). She is also a member of IAMCR (International Association for Media and Communication Research) and ECREA (European Communication Research and Education Association), where she served as vice-chair in the Science Communication and Environment Section .

She is a former Principal Investigator of research projects “The Politics of Climate Change: Discourses and Representations” (2005-2008) and “COMPOLIS – ‘Communication and Political Engagement with Environmental Issues” (2013-2014).