Helena Machado is full Professor of Sociology at the Institute for Social Sciences, University of Minho.  She is an expert on sociology of crime, with a focus on the relationships between the media and the criminal justice system, and the ethical and societal challenges emerging from the uses of genetics in contemporary modes of governance of criminality.

In 2015 Helena Machado was awarded a Consolidation Grant from the European Research Council, one of the most prestigious and competitive funding for scientific research of excellence in Europe. Her current research is of transdisciplinary nature, engaging the social studies of science, bioethics, and sociological and criminological perspectives to explore how genetics creates acute challenges to citizenship, democracy and social control in contemporary societies.

Illustrating examples of her books are: Genética e Cidadania [Genetics and Citizenship] (Afrontamento, 2017), Tracing technologies: Prisoners’ views in the era of CSI (with Barbara Prainsack, Ashgate, 2012) Direito, justiça e média – Tópicos de sociologia [Law, justice and the media – Topics of Sociology] (com Filipe Santos,  Afrontamento, 2012) e Manual de sociologia do crime [Handbook of sociology of crime] (Afrontamento, 2008).