Patrícia Silveira got her European PhD in Communication Sciences, by the University of Minho (2016), in the field of Media Education, with the thesis “Children and News: creating meanings about current events and the world”. She is currently an Invited Lecturer in IADE/European University and Pedagogical Coordinator of Media Lab, an initiative within newspapers Diário de Notícias and Jornal de Notícias.

She collaborated with the Communication Sciences Department as Invited Lecturer in the Graduation Degree of Communication Sciences in the University of Minho, and participated as a research member in the “e-Media Education Lab” Project, co-funded by the European Union, as a research assistant in the “Creative Schools” Project (funded by the National Strategic Reference Framework) and in the “Climate changes Policies: Speech and Representations” Project (funded by the Science and Technology Foundation). In 2012, Patrícia carried out a research period in the Autonomous University of Barcelona (Spain), working as well in the EMEDUS Project – European Media Literacy Education Study.

Patrícia Silveira is a member of Sopcom (The Portuguese Association for the Communication Sciences) and ECREA. She was awarded with the Students’ Merit Prize, by the University of Minho, in 2009.