PhD in Information and Communication in Digital Platforms, in 2014, by the University of Porto and University of Aveiro – half of the course was financed by FCT through the UT Austin program | Portugal. Lecturer at Miguel Torga Institute, where he teaches in the area of Digital Communication and where he is co-scientific coordinator of the Degree in Multimedia and member of the Scientific and Pedagogical Councils.

Has developed research on the transition of regional and local media to the digital environment, the newsmaking processes to multiplatforms (paper, web and mobile) and media consumption in the digital age.

Member of SOPCOM, where is co-coordinator of the working group of Journalism and Society and co-founder the association’s Young Researchers working group, as well as editor of the scientific journal “Estudos de Jornalismo”. Member of the portuguese Online Journalism Observatory, has worked in network with congeners observatories and research projects based on Ibero-American countries.