Yuliya Kuznetsova has a postdoctoral fellowship at the Communication and Society Research Centre at the University of Minho since January 2020 and is currently part of the Portuguese team of the SHARE project – Survey of Health, Aging, and Retirement in Europe.

She holds a Ph.D. in Social Sciences with a specialization in Social Work from the Norwegian University of Sciences and Technology (NTNU) in April 2019. In her Ph.D. thesis she investigated Norway’s regulatory policy (compared to two Nordic countries – Sweden and Denmark) and the role of multinational companies based in Norway to include people with disabilities and to be more inclusive in their corporate culture.

From 2015 to 2019, she has collaborated on the European project ANED (Academic Network of European Disability Experts – ANED DOTCOM) at the Observatory of Disability and Human Rights of the Higher Institute of Social and Political Sciences (ISCSP) of the University of Lisbon, promoting support policies inclusion of people with disabilities in society.