A new book of proceedings in open access: “Communities, participation, and regulation”

“Communities, participation, and regulation” is the title of the book of proceedings that resulted from the “VI Jornadas Doutorais, Comunicação & Estudos Culturais” that now the CECS published.

Since its inception, this research unit has critically questioned the processes of human community construction, while at the same time questioning other possibilities that inscribe the human in a world to be re-created (Martins, 2015, 2018). And because there is no sense of community without an intricate structure of relationships and modes of social belonging, it lies precisely there, in making and in the dialogue between the diverse cultures that make up the communities, the challenge and the proof that is intended to respond in the fight by a “democracy to come” (Martins, 2003).

The ebook is available in open access here.