New volume of Lusophone Journal of Cultural Studies on “Public art for tourist communication”

The most recent volume of the Lusophone Journal of Cultural Studies on “Public art for tourist communication” is now available. The volume was edited by Pedro Andrade and Mário Caeiro.

According to the editors, “Within the processes resulting from these different spheres of the social environ-ment, or in their fusion, as detailed below, this issue of the Lusophone Journal of Cultural Studies, focuses on the relations that public art establishes with a very current, but rela-tively little studied, social process – tourism communication, in particular the case of cultural tourism”.

Pedro Andrade and Mário Caeiro add that “Cultural Studies and Tourism Studies, as well as adjacent research ar-eas, can benefit from this dialectic. In other words, the issue at stake here is not a single and isolated social process, that can be translated into a specific and isolated concept that may be observed in the texts and titles of many scientific studies. Such studies, supposedly univocal or hegemonic, often focus on a single idea, which in itself would exhaust the depths of social or entire sociological thinking. On the contrary, this issue of the journal, does not aim to offer a reflection on a simple theme, which can be represented, for example, by the title «Public art», or by the title «Tourism communication». Instead it focuses on a central question, or seminal thesis, expressed by the following proposition: «Public art for tourism communication»”.

[Posted: 29-06-2020]