Panel on African Contemporary Art hosted by Cultures Past & Present Project members

José Carlos Venâncio and Filimone Meigos, researchers of the CECS Cultures Past & Present project, are organizing the panel “Contemporary African Art, a Global Art?”, in the framework of the 11th Iberian Congress of African Studies, which will take place from 2 to 4 July, at the University of Lisbon.

For the proponents of this panel, “african contemporary art has gained in recent years an international recognition that is significant enough for us to wonder whether it will be the same as a passing phenomenon, or if it will have deeper roots that lead us to ponder, if behind such an event are not actually gains of centrality”.

This panel proposes the discussion of the dynamics and pulsations that involve artistic production (visual/visual arts/performance art …), both in Africa and in diaspora spaces.

By bringing together researchers, critics, curators, journalists and other actors concerned with the reception and appreciation of African art, we seek to promote reflection on contemporary African art in the context of globalization.

Submission of communication proposals to this panel will end on February 24 and can be submitted on the congress website. The panel summary is available here.

[Posted: 06-01-2020]