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Formação do investigador: reflexões em torno da escrita/pesquisa/autoria e a orientação

Adriano Oliveira, Emília Araújo & Lucidio Bianchetti (Eds.)

2014 | Braga: CECS


The set of works that this e-book consists of, in particular, reflects the result of the reflections we proposed following the workshop, held in October and November 2013 at the Institute of Social Sciences (ICS) of the University of Minho (UMinho) whose title was “Training cycle ‘Navigate is precise’: the challenges of master’s and doctorate in the process of writing/research/authorship of dissertations and theses.” The purpose of these activities was to discuss the challenges involved in the writing/research/authorship of dissertations and theses, through the analysis of personal narratives and reflective writing exercises.