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Os media e a crise dos refugiados

Manuel Pinto, Sara Pereira & Maria José Brites (Org.)

2015 | Braga: CECS


“The Agenda brings together 29 proposals for activities, mostly dedicated to children and young people, with school institutions as their main center of action. Opening with a set of proposals aimed at reflecting and analyzing the concept, situation and routes of refugees, the following activities present different angles of approach to this problem, resorting to the media as an object of exploration and analysis, or as a learning resource. Not intending to be a recipe, this set of proposals aims to inspire all those who want to better understand, or teach to understand better the circumstances, causes and characteristics of the movement of hundreds of thousands of people from Syria, and in the Middle East as well as Africa. With the purpose of Media Education, it is intended to promote the analysis of the way how this crisis has been covered by the media: the aspects that stand out the most, the images they publish, the (which) do not explain, the stories that do not present, as well as the zones of silence and cloudiness that can prevent us from seeing and reading better the world in which we live”. [introdutory note]