“Bom Jesus do Monte: Transversal Views”

The European Heritage Days 2019 were held last October 10th at the General Library of the University of Minho.

As part of the European Heritage Days 2019, students of the 2nd year of the PhD course in Cultural Studies of the Institute of Social Sciences and the Institute of Arts and Humanities of the University of Minho joined the initiative, promoting a Meeting entitled – “Sanctuary of Bom Jesus do Monte: Transversal Views” -, framed in the theme: Arts Heritage and Leisure.

In the year when the architectural and landscape set of the Shrine of Bom Jesus do Monte became part of the UNESCO List as a World Heritage Site and, because this inscription is not the end of the road but the beginning of a new adventure, it is urgent to reflect. about the territorial and cultural dimension that this inscription may have, in order to streamline its material and immaterial character and the forms that can enjoy its enjoyment and safeguard. In this context, highlighting the importance of Cultural Studies in defining a cultural policy of responsibility and pedagogy, we gathered a panel of guests for a debate in different points of view – Arts, Heritage and Leisure: arla Queirós (ESE/PP); Albertino Gonçalves (ICS/UMinho), Antonio Ponte (DRCN), Miguel Bandeira (CMB) and Varito Pereira (Brotherhood of Bom Jesus do Monte).

[Posted: 11-10-2019]