Doctoral Seminar “Communication in higher education institutions: critical competence and sustainability”

“Communication in Higher Education Institutions: Critical Competence and Sustainability” is the theme of the doctoral seminar that will take place on October 16, in the Social Sciences Institute.

At 9:30 am Victoria Carrillo Durán of the University of Extremadura will present the conference “The Role of Social Networking Sites (SNSs) in Building the Reputation of Higher Education Organizations (HEOs)”, with the moderation of Teresa Ruão. Still in the morning, Vasco Ribeiro (UPorto), Elaine Vianna (INPI, Brazil) and Arminda Sá Sequeira (ISCAP) will embody the panel “Universities: to communicate or not to communicate, that is the question?”

In the afternoon, at 2 pm, in the ICS meeting room, there will be a research workshop with Victoria Carrillo Durán (UExtremadura), Ana Melo, José Gabriel Andrade, Sara Balonas and Paula Campos Ribeiro (CECS).

[Posted: 03-10-2019]