Visual Culture Permanent Seminar on “Cinema and Amazonian Identity” CANCELED

Following the steps taken by the University of Minho in reaction to the confirmation of a COVID-19 case close to the ICS, the Permanent Visual Culture Seminar dedicated to the theme “Cinema and Amazonian Identity” was canceled.

A session of the Visual Culture Permanent Seminar dedicated to the theme “Cinema and Amazonian Identity” will take place on March 11, at 6 pm, in the ICS Acts Room. The invited speaker is Orange Cavalcante da Silva, professor at the Fogo Consumidor Cinematographic Association.

In this session of the Permanent Seminar on Visual Culture, Orange Cavalcante presents the documentary entitled Representações audiovisuais amazônicas: Um olhar desde o Médio Rio Solimões.

The documentary describes projects developed with young and old people from Tefé, Amazonas, which recorded, in audiovisual productions, the daily life, art, culture, and experiences of riverside peoples. The production shows testimonials from the project participants, including teenagers, young people and mainly the elderly.

According to Cavalcante, the objectives of these projects were “to disseminate the local culture in order to generate debates and reflection on the region, promoting the development of the various existing cultural manifestations, training through photography, video and image editing and including through art as social transformation tool”.

Orange Cavalcante da Silva is from Amazonas, is 35 years old, and an audiovisual communicator and works as an advisor and professor within the Fogo Consumidor Cinematographic Association.

The documentary will be presented in March in Paris and Portugal.

[Posted: 28-02-2020]