Vista: permanent call for papers from the new CECS journal

Created in 2015 by the Visual Culture Working Group of the Portuguese Association of Communication Sciences (Sopcom), Vista is now being edited by the Communication and Society Research Centre.

Vista is a scientific journal of Visual Culture that aims to promote the transdisciplinary debate around the processes of visual mediation of culture, which in addition to studies on photography, cinema, television, advertising, video games, digital media, today includes the technological arts and the media arts. It also has the following objectives: to promote critical thinking about the image and the study of visual, analogue and digital objects, as well as media arts productions, in the area of ​​Communication Sciences; disseminate a set of studies, from different scientific domains, from different geographical contexts and historical moments, which correspond to heterogeneous theoretical and methodological positions around Visual Culture and technological arts; diversify the objects of study in the vast domain of Image Studies and Media Arts, in order to pluralize the sharing of the visible, actively contributing to a policy of the gaze; and to encourage scientific contributions, but also diverse visual projects in areas such as photography, video art, urban art and technological arts, contributing to the questioning of the boundaries between scientific and artistic culture.

With a permanent call for papers, Vista accepts proposals for original and unpublished academic papers on topics related to the objectives and scope of the journal, in the form of articles, visual projects, reviews and interviews. Articles can be submitted in English or Portuguese.

The originals must be submitted through the journal’s website.

For more information, contact:

[Posted: 30-11-2020]