InOutScience with Carlos Camponez

On November 11, Carlos Camponez, professor at the University of Coimbra, was at the University of Minho to participate in the Permanent Seminar on Communication and Culture Policies on “Systemic crises of mediation: media, journalism and communication policies”.

Digital has inspired the concept of the “new media ecosystem” by referring to the mutations introduced by the so-called “new information and communication technologies” about media and journalism in the late twentieth century. For Carlos Camponez, the concept of media ecosystem has the particularity of alerting us to the fact that these impacts are not only technical and technological, but cross the whole field of communication.

For the professor and researcher of the University of Coimbra, the widespread disintermediation that digital age technologies have uniquely promoted explains the current widespread mediation crisis that characterizes contemporary society. In the field of communication, says Carlos Camponez, this crisis implies new ways of rethinking journalism and the media, placing us before the historical responsibility of creating the future. New ways of communicating imply new normative values, new socio-professional profiles, new forms of regulation, new public communication policies.

For InOutScience, Carlos Camponez left his opinion about the almost non-existence of news about journalism.

[Posted: 19-11-2019]