15 ideias para “Levar os media para a escola”. Agenda de atividades de transliteracia

The Agenda de atividades de transliteracia [transliteracy activities agenda] was published and can be downloaded here for free.

Watch a music video of Moby or resort to photography in order to think about the media uses; use video games to learn history or reflect about world problems; dress the skin of an advertiser or a journalist. These are some of the 15 suggestions of activities that teachers can find into the publication Levar os media para a escola [take the media to school], edited by the Communication and Society Research Centre (CECS) of the University of Minho.

It is a set of didactic proposals that do not need great resources to be carried out in a school context and that is accompanied by several tools and fundamental questions to help teachers in their implementation.

This publication emerges within a European project entitled “TRANSLITERACY – TRANSMEDIA LITERACY: Exploiting transmedia skills and informal learning strategies to improve formal education” (GA 645238 / Horizon 2020 – Research and Innovation Actions), which involved eight countries – including Portugal, through the CECS-UM – and wanted to study, analyze and understand competencies acquired by teenagers out of a school context, especially with and through media.

This is already the fourth Agenda of a CECS-UM collection that aims to inspire educational agents, giving them some ideas and tools to educate with and through media, developing the media literacy of their students and awakening them for the exercise of a more informed and participatory citizenship.

The previous agendas, also available for free download, are entitled: 25+UM: Agenda de Atividades de Educação para os MediaAgenda de Atividades de Literacia Digital and Agenda de Atividades: Os Media e a Crise dos Refugiados.