275 abstracts approved for the upcoming III International Conference on Cultures: Interfaces of Lusophony

The Scientific Committee of the III International Conference on Cultures: Interfaces of Lusophony approved 275 proposals to be presented at the event. It is expected a wide participation of scholars from Europe and Portuguese-speaking countries, such as Angola, Brazil and Mozambique. The conference will provide six plenary sessions whose goal is to promote the interdisciplinary debate about key subjects in the Cultural Studies and Communication fields, from cultural diversity, Portuguese language, science policy and science communication, digital literacy, communication, arts to popular culture.

According to Abino Rubim (Federal University of Bahia), one of the Keynote Speakers in the plenary session about Policies for Communication, Culture and Arts, these events contribute to overcome misunderstandings and promote academic cooperation among Portuguese-speaking countries. Please read more about his interview, here.

The conference will be held at the University of Minho from November 23th to 25th 2017 and results from a partnership between the University of Beira Interior and the Federal University of Bahia.

Text: Isabel Macedo