2CN-CLab Brasil 2018

Following the evaluation of the 2CN-CLab mission to Brazil, held in October 2017 in collaboration with Sesc-São Paulo, and the 2CN-CLab Talks cycle, held in December 2017 in collaboration with the OEI on the Cultural Charter Iberoamerican Conference, it was considered relevant and pertinent to carry out a new mission to Brazil in 2018 to stimulate a group of 2CN-CLab Talks “What we talk about when we talk about Cultural Networks?”, 2CN-CLab Working Day “Iberoamerican Cultural Charter” and work visits to cultural organizations from different states in Brazil.

As a result of collaboration with various public and private organizations, both Portuguese and Brazilian, the 2CN-CLab team will carry out a mission to Brazil, between August 5 and September 3, to stimulate the following actions:

Further information on the actions taken and to be carried out can be found on the 2CN-CLab website.