2CN-CLab “Weaving Cultural Networks in OEI’s 70th Anniversary”

As part of the “2CN-CLab: Weaving Cultural Networks in the 70 years of OEI” initiative, which has already been developed in Portugal (April, 2019) and Brazil (May, 2019), the 2CN-CLab team will stay one week at Galicia, the result of a collaboration with OEI and Camões Institute of Cooperation and Language Portugal, to promote a set of actions aimed at professionals and future professionals from the cultural sector, namely:

The 2CN-CLab Talks aim to promote critical and grounded discussion of the concept of “cultural networks”, from some of the authors framing 2CN-CLab’s work, Talks ‘participants’ experience and case studies from national and transnational organizations. .

The 2CN-CLab Working Days are hands-on working days, where a group of twenty professionals from various fields of the cultural sector gathers to critically review and discuss a set of key documents for cultural sector professionals in the morning. 21st century and, in the afternoon, identify affinity points that, in the light of their practices and the spirit of the documents and the 2CN-CLab, allow for the generation of ideas for cultural networking projects in local, national or transnational contexts.

More information at: https://2cnclab.wordpress.com/

For any questions contact 2cn.clab@gmail.com.

[Posted: 25-11-2019]