2CN-CLab Working Day “Culture Network and Networks of Culture”

The CECS, in collaboration with the Intermunicipal Community of the Region of Aveiro, will promote, next June 4, in Murtosa, the 2CN-CLab Working Day “Culture Network and Networks of Culture” intended, preferably, to librarians of the region of Aveiro.

At the 2CN-CLab Working Days, a group of twenty participants come together to critically analyze and discuss a set of documents and, on the other hand, to try to identify points of affinity which, in the light of their practices and the spirit documents and 2CN-CLab, contribute to the design or consolidation of networked projects in local, national or transnational contexts.

Participation is free, valid for the first twenty registrations. Registration through the online form.

Following the 2CN-CLab Working Days, in the following months and in a virtual way, follow-up meetings are held to design possible projects that may arise; and organized moments of sharing with the public the network projects designed within the framework of Working Days.

[Posted: 03-06-2019]