3rd Galician-Portuguese Film Festival

The third edition of the Galician-Portuguese Film Festival will be shown from October 14 to 16, from 9.30 pm to 11.30 pm, in the auditorium of Casa das Artes de Arcos de Valdevez.

The festival will screen one short film and one film each day, followed by a debate with the directors and special guests. This event will promote cultural exchange between Galicia and Portugal under the thematic focus “Women, Heritage, Society”, addressing the role of women in the crisis, heritage as an instrument of social cohesion and the context of solidarity and fraternity.

The event is coordinated by the University of Minho – through the Vice-Rectory of Culture and Society, the Centre for Galician Studies (CEG), the Laboratory of Landscape, Heritage and Territory (Lab2PT) and the Communication and Society Research Centre (CECS) -, the Galician Culture Council (CCG), the Municipality of Arcos de Valdevez, the Museo do Pobo Galego and the Thematic Commission for the Promotion and Dissemination of the Portuguese Language of the CPLP Consultative Observers.

The programme opens on October 14 with the screening of the films “Nación“, by Margarita Ledo, about the unaccomplished life of workers in the former Pontesa ceramics factory, and “Mulheres em Quarentena“,by Bárbara Tavares, about two women – in Lisbon and Brasilia – with their children at home due to COVID-19. After the screening, the filmmakers will join the debate with the director of the Knowledge Houses Network of UMinho and CECS researcher, José Gabriel Andrade, and the filmmaker Sara Traba.

On 15 it will secreen the experimental short film “Ganas“, by Maria da Fonseca and Rafaela Gomes, students of Communication Sciences at UMinho, and the documentary “Das arquitecturas tradicionais“, by Carlos Eduardo Viana. The three will then join the conversation with the architect Fernando Cerqueira and the archaeologists Rebeca Blanco-Rotea and Fernanda Magalhães. In parallel to the programme, the documentary “A festa do emigrante“, which Sara Traba dedicates to the mountain villages of the Arcuères, the “land of fog”, will be premiered.

On 16, it is Alfonso Zarauza’s turn with the award-winning film “Ons“, based on a Galician island where a couple has to save their relationship, and also Ana Lois’ “Lume na auga“, an interactive journey through the Iron Age in the Galician sanctuary of Augas Santas. A conversation with these two filmmakers, historian Alexandra Esteves and linguist Noemí Basanta will follow. The festival also has the parallel exhibition “ONS SOA”, by Paula Ballesteros during the three days.

The first edition of the Galician-Portuguese Film Festival was held in Braga on May 3, 10 and 17, 2018, focusing on Galician and border cinema. The second edition was hosted in Vigo on September 26, 27 and 28, 2019. It focused on the condition of women and their relationship with a normative, sometimes also violent, society.

Program available here.

[Posted: 28-09-2021]