4th Conference on Literacy, Media and Citizenship discusses new shapes of the public space

The “Literacy, Media and Citizenship” Conference (4LMC) will gather more than 200 participants, under the title “For a new awareness of public space”. This is the fourth edition of such event, which will take place on 5th-6th May 2017 5 and 6, at the António de Almeida Foundation, in Oporto. This event is organized by the Informal Group of Literacy for the Media, will display three plenary sessions and about 90 communications.

Full Professor at the Autonomous University of Barcelona José Manuel Pérez Tornero will be the keynote speaker in the Opening Session, following the title “Public awareness in the new media sphere: the risk of increasing inequality in media literacy”. In the invited speakers, there will be also the intervention of Isabel Capeloa Gil, Dean at the Portuguese Catholic University and Viriato Soromenho Marques, Full Professor at the University of Lisbon. It will take place, also, four workshops.

This scientific event will also promote the posthumous tribute to José Manuel Paquete de Oliveira, “Never regret being good”. Manuel Pinto, president of the Scientific Committee of the LMC Congress, and Maria do Céu Neves, journalists, are the invited speakers.

The University of Minho/CECS is one of the members of the Informal Group of Media Literacy, being represented by professors Manuel Pinto and Sara Pereira.

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Author of the text: Pedro Moura; Credits of the photo: 3th LMC Conference .