CECS at the launch of the book “The revolutions of the past: the colonial war and the fights for liberation”

On days 7 and 8 June will be released the book “The revolutions of the past: the colonial war and the fights for liberation”.

Sheila Khan, a CECS researcher, is the author of the essay “The corner of victory or the sound of Fury: the September 7 1974 in Mozambique”, included in the book.

“This is a book about the place of memory and forgetfulness of colonial war and liberation struggles in the definition of democratic and post-colonial Portugal and the constitution of the former African territories in independent states. Indeed, it is one thing to remember the war in the old metropolis, where it today appears as a spectrum of an empire under a long dictatorial regime, another is remembered in the former colonies which, through it, gained political independence. The selected events have in common the fact that they have produced a memorial ballast present in public discourses and monuments, in social mobilizations, in political appropriations, in more or less persistent silences that tell us how the future lives of these past events have been shaped”, as we can read in the introduction of the work organized by Miguel Cardina and Bruno Sena Martins.

The launch will be on the 7th in Lisbon and on the 8th in Coimbra.

More information here.