Art as a methodology for community intervention

The training session “Art as a methodology for community intervention” with Josep Maria Aragay Borràs is scheduled for February 1 at 9 am in the Rehearsal Room of the Jordão Theatre.

Josep Maria Aragay Borràs, a researcher, educator, coordinator of community art projects, and music therapist specialising in the socio-community use of the arts, will lead the session. creator and head of the “Basket Beat” project and the Festival de las Artes Comunitarias de Catalunya (FAACCC, Community Arts Festival of Catalonia). His most recent book, La comunitat de la mort. El camí impossible cap als marges, was published in 2023.

This training course on art as a methodology for community intervention will address the following topics:

A. Reviewing the role of the professional
– Politicisation or educational directionality.
– Foundations of critical, feminist, decolonial, systemic and anti-pedagogical pedagogies.
– Purposes or requirements of this task.
– What I embody as a professional: criticality, the artificiality of my identity, deviation from the norm…
– Realising ambiguity, gender, heteronomy and the “court jester”.
– Identifying trends in language formatting.
– Depersonalising the institution.

B. Tools and strategies for group facilitation
– The pedagogical-educational-social space as a place for action/reflection.
– The group as a space and strategy for socio-educational support.
– The pedagogical invention of the training group and its characteristics: healing, attribution of meaning, executive functions and emotional stimulation.
– A methodological proposal: Identification, visibility/negotiation and transference.
– Techniques and procedures: “non-action”, observation, silence, cognitive aids, feedback, icebreakers, questions, changing places, celebration, directivity scale, back-and-forth movement, drifting, pedagogical improvisation and the over-dimensioning of power.

Due to limited capacity, those interested are encouraged to contact or

[Posted: 19-01-2024]