Media and the Roma Communities

The next session of the Permanent Seminar on Communication and Diversity will be held on April 20 at 2:30 p.m.

The sociologist Sílvia Gomes and the journalist Ana Cristina Pereira will work, in a workshop style, with the media present and gypsy communities. It will be approached the way the press conveys a certain image, contributing to the construction and reproduction of stereotypes. Efforts will be made to foster a responsible attitude in the coverage of vulnerable social groups and the introduction of greater diversity in news coverage in general.

It is hoped to know the media representations around the gypsy communities and to reflect on the impacts that the former have on the reproduction and construction of stereotyped and prejudiced images on the latter. It is also expected that by assuming a self-regulating attitude, participants will be able to recognize that all human beings have the same right to be heard; to be aware of the special care to be taken in making news coverage of vulnerable social groups, especially Roma communities; have made their own personal commitment.

The entire session will feature the active participation and comments of sociologist Maria José Casa-Nova.

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