Open call for papers for XIII Sopcom Congress

From 16 May to 30 June, the call for papers for the XIII Sopcom Congress is open. Dedicated to the theme “Communication, Cultures and Communities”, the biennial event of the Portuguese Communication Sciences Association will be organised by the Communication and Society Research Centre (CECS) and will take place from January 24 to 26, 2024, at the University of Minho, in Braga.

Communication and community are, in several European languages, words that share the same root. Not being accidental, this coincidence is certainly very expressive of the role that communication plays in the constitution of communities, reflecting at the same time what these organisms are based on. On the other hand, in its various meanings, culture is the expression of symbolic representations and artistic manifestations that are built in communities and, decisively, by the social interaction relations are produced.

In a context in which the global has become the measure of all transformations, but in which the idea of mass society has simultaneously become obsolete, it is in the communities that we experience the main effects of the vertiginous cycle of progress and the auspicious project of social and cultural development. And it is also in the communities that the uniqueness of our cultural identities and confidence in our ability to promote more inclusive and creative societies continue to reside.

For the XIII Sopcom Congress, the CECS and the Portuguese Association of Communication Sciences invite the academic community to submit paper proposals that may contribute to developing critical thinking on the following topics:

  • communication for development
  • community communication
  • communication and multi and intercultural expression
  • communication and creativity
  • information, data and trust
  • social networking, information and knowledge
  • social mobilisation and communication for active citizenship
  • communication skills and empowerment
  • communication and conflict mediation
  • social and generational interactions and respect for difference
  • media discourses and representations
  • social responsibility, media and public intervention
  • communication policies, transparency and pluralism

Proposals shall be submitted in the appropriate form, identifying the Working Group (not the topic they respond to) in which they fall.

[Posted: 17-05-2023]