Complementary formation atcion on “Reflexivity and scientific practice” with Manuela Ivone Cunha

The researcher Manuela Ivone Cunha gave a training course on “Reflexivity and scientific practice” on March 22nd (4:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.), integrated in the complementary actions cycle, within the framework of the PhD in “Communication Studies: Technology, Culture and Society”. It took place in the small Auditorium of the Institute of Education of the University of Minho. The action was divided in two parts: the first, on “Reflexivity and effects of hegemony in science: citation, comparability, sources and constitution of bibliographical corpus. Provincial cosmopolitanism and metropolitan provincialism conceptual effects and effects on openness and scientific creativity” and, the second one, on “Reflexivity in scientific practice, theoretical precautions against current distortions: exotization and essentialization, sociocentrism and ethnocentrism, chronocentrism, psychologism and moralization, examples in concrete investigations.
Organized by the CECS, these actions are addressed to the students of the four editions of FCT PhD in “Communication Studies: Technology, Culture and Society” and are intended, preferably, to doctoral students of the course, but also to postgraduate students of institutions belonging to the consortium.
Up to June, two more actions are scheduled, and the next one will take place on May 13 and will be led by Rui Sousa Silva (“Publication and transfer of knowledge”).