2030 Agenda and food: a taste of culture

The Observatory on Science, Communication and Culture Policies (POLObs) promotes the 3rd Food and Sustainability Seminar, on 14 October, at 2pm.

The Brazilian chefs Bel Coelho and Eudes Assis, the curator of the exhibition Pratodomundo – food for 10 billion Leonardo Menezes and the creative director of Born Agency, Duarte Vilaça, will sit at the table to discuss the relationship between food and the 2030 Agenda. The meeting will be hosted by POLObs researchers Manuel Gama and Cynthia Luderer, both with international scientific research experience in the topic of this commemorative edition of the World Food Day.

The event will focus on cultural aspects involving food and sustainability within the context of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The guests and the participants will have the opportunity to interact and exchange experiences throughout the session.

The Seminar is part of the project “Culture and Development: Cultural Projects and the 2030 Agenda”, developed by POLObs.

Bel Coelho is a chef at Cuia Café and Clandestino restaurant, she hosts the shows Receita de Viagem and Food Connection, and is the curator of the exhibition Ounje-Alimentos dos Orixá, at Sesc Ipiranga (SP).

Eudes Assis is the chef of Taioba restaurant, promoter of the caiçara culture and curator of the event Arraial Buscapé, in São Sebastião (SP).

Leonardo Menezes is the curator of the exhibition Food for Tomorrow – Feeding 10 Billion at Museu do Amanhã (RJ), a PhD in Communication from UFF and a partner at Guaraná Conteúdo.

Duarte Vilaça has a degree in Social and Cultural Communication from Universidade Católica Portuguesa; founder and creative director of Born, the agency responsible for the Juliana project, a new brand for the Portuguese supermarket chain Pingo Doce.

The event will be held online on Zoom.

[Posted: 06-10-2021]