Alexandre Barbosa Ferreira: new PhD in Cultural Studies

On October 10, p.m., in the Institute of Social Sciences, took place de Ph.D. viva in Cultural Studies of Alexandre Barbosa Ferreira.

The thesis, supervised by Jean-Martin Rabot, is entitled “Musical Culture and Musicians in the 21st Century: (re) thinking of academic formation in higher education”.

The jury, chaired by Manuel Pinto, was composed of:

– Maria Manuel Rocha Teixeira Baptista, Full Professor, Department of Languages ​​and Cultures, University of Aveiro;

– Moisés Adão de Lemos Martins, Full Professor, Department of Communication Sciences, Institute of Social Sciences, University of Minho;

– José Carlos Gaspar Venâncio, Full Professor, Department of Sociology, University of Beira Interior;

– Elisa Maria Maia da Silva Lessa, Associate Professor, Department of Music, Institute of Arts and Humanities, University of Minho;

– Jean-Martin Marie Rabot, Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, Institute of Social Sciences, University of Minho;

– Bart Vanspauwen, postdoctoral researcher, Institute of Ethnomusicology, Center for Studies in Music and Dance, New University of Lisbon.

[Posted: 11-10-2019]