Anabela Carvalho invited to IAMCR 2018

Anabela Carvalho was a guest speaker at a special session and a roundtable discussion on June 23 and 24 at the IAMCR 2018 conference in Eugene, Oregon, United States of America.

The CECS researcher was invited to the special session entitled “Reimagining Environmental Sustainability for the Academic Conference”, where environmental sustainability was discussed in the context of large academic organizations. Anabela Carvalho presented ideas for the future of academic conferences and possibilities for reducing their environmental impact, which is particularly associated with air travel.

Anabela Carvalho was also part of a roundtable discussion on “The Past and Future of Environment, Science & Risk Communication”, along with names such as Pieter Maeseele (University of Antwerp), Alison Anderson (University of Plymouth), Robert Cox University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), Libby Lester (University of Tasmania), Susanna Priest (Editor Science Communication) and Kerrie Foxwell-Norton (Griffith University). The Portuguese researcher pointed out “important challenges for the field of environmental communication and communication science in the present and the near future”.

The participation of Anabela Carvalho was made via Skype. According to the researcher, this was “a decision that was, among other reasons, part of the Environmental Impact Committee of IAMCR and to defend the virtuality (at least partial) of the conferences”.