Anabela Carvalho is a member of the Scientific Panel of the National Strategy for Adaptation to Climate Change

Anabela Carvalho, a researcher at CECS, where she is a member of the Research Group on Cultural Studies and a Full Lecturer in the Communication Sciences Department at the University of Minho, was appointed by the Minister of the Environment to join the Scientific Panel on the National Adaptation to Climate Change [Painel Científico da Estratégica Nacional de Adaptação às Alterações Climáticas] (ENAAC 2020). The decision is set out in the annex to Order no. 7877/2017, published in the Diário da República dated September 7, 2017 (Series 2, nº 173).

Through the document, in the course of ENAAC 2020, the various entities that make up the Coordination Group (CG) have proposed a number of names for the Panel, in line with its objectives. Among the names indicated, a list of twenty names was consensual, which constitutes the proposal of the GC, having been considered as criteria in its elaboration, the relevance and curricular adequacy for the purpose; sectoral and thematic representativeness; the geographical diversity of the institutions to which they belong; gender equality; and the number of elements that allow its functionality.

According to the statement, ENAAC 2020 has as its vision “A country adapted to the effects of climate change through the continuous implementation of solutions based on technical-scientific knowledge and good practices” and refocuses the objectives in the improving knowledge on climate change and their impacts, in integrating adaptation into all sectoral policies and in the implementation of concrete measures.