Presentation of the ebook “Os direitos da criança”

The new ebook by CECS, Os direitos da criança, by Paula Cristina Martins and Sara Pereira, will be presented this Wednesday, November 20th, at 18h00, at the School of Education of the University of Minho.

Os direitos da criança is a reprint of the work of Paula Cristina Martins and Sara Pereira on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the Convention’s approval at the United Nations General Assembly. “It’s a great satisfaction for all of us,” they say.

Children are innocent victims of adults’ bewilderment, their wars, their insatiable ambition, their cruelty and indifference. Twenty years ago, the Institute of Child Studies of the University of Minho and the Civil Government of Braga made a joint edition of the text of the Convention that was intended to fit the universe of the holders of these rights.

The cover, graphic arrangement and illustration of the rights were entrusted to Arlindo Fagundes.

[Posted: 20-11-2019]