Presentation of the book “COVID-19 in Portugal: the strategy”

On May 13, at 6 pm, the Rectory of the University of Minho will host the presentation of the book COVID-19 em Portugal: a estratégia (COVID-19 in Portugal: the strategy ), in a session attended by the Prime Minister and the Minister of Health. The book draws the diachronic line of the pandemic. It describes the working method and the strategy to lift lockdown restrictions in the country after the most serious phase of the disease in Portugal. It concludes by setting out learned. The book is coauthored by Raquel Duarte, Felisbela Lopes, Filipe Alves, Ana Aguiar, Hugo Monteiro, Marta Pinto and Óscar Felgueiras.

COVID-19 em Portugal: a estratégia is the work of the group responsible for the proposals to lift the country’s lockdown restrictions that provided the basis for the Portuguese Government’s policy decision since March 2021. The book is the first of the Coleção de Ensaios para a Sustentabilidade (Essays for Sustainability Collection) of the Fundação Mestre Casais, and it is published by this Foundation and by UMinho Editora in digital format and open access.

Although pandemics are unpredictable, adequate preparation and planning can improve their management. That was the purpose of this group, over several months, through sustained reports with measures deemed appropriate for each moment.

These measures are now duly explained within the political decision that emanated from them. The authors conclude the bookwith lessons they have drawn from a unique period.

[Posted: 11-05-2022]