Da ‘Portugalidade’ à Lusofonia at the Book Fair of Braga

Moisés de Lemos Martins will present the book “Da ‘Portugalidade’ à Lusofonia”, by Vítor de Sousa, at the Book Fair of Braga, on July 10, at 4:00 p.m., in Espaço Forum Braga.

The publication of the CECS results from the doctoral thesis of the researcher Vítor de Sousa, directed by Moisés de Lemos Martins, and seeks to “observe how ‘portugalidade’ punctuates the construction of lusophony”.

Vitor de Sousa tells us that it was only in 2010 that he first heard about ‘portugalidade’: “It was a word that immediately provoked a great question. I, who in almost all my professional life had been a journalist and therefore conducted several interviews and reports, using Portuguese daily as an integral part of my production process, I was disconcerted by a word, apparently simple, but for the which I could not match any meaning since I had never met her. It was a situation that, in addition to being intriguing, caused me some embarrassment due to my explanatory impossibility”, recalls the author. “The attempt to clarify proved problematic: there were ‘portugalidades’ for all tastes and shapes”, adds Vitor de Sousa.

The proposal pointed out in the thesis and in the book “it goes to know to what extent the mark of ‘portugalidade’, profusely diffused in the Estado Novo, emphasizing alleged characteristics attached to the Portuguese people, in an apologetic relation to this regime, by means of propaganda and the idea of ‘overseas empire’, the relational dynamics with the peoples of the former Portuguese colonies, embodied in the idea of lusophony, a postcolonial concept, but with a ballast that refers to the Portuguese Discoveries’ . The CECS researcher further states that “this is why my conviction, my research purpose, comes from the perspective that there can be no lusophony in conjunction (or simultaneity) with ‘portugalidade'” and that “this research can contribute to promoting the reflection that still has to be done on ‘portugalidade’, its origins, its respective brands and interpretations, namely in Lusofonia itself”.

About the work, Moisés Martins says that “Vítor de Sousa is systematic, rigorous and meticulous in the consideration of all these issues. About the haunting of the figure of ‘portugalidade’, which vampires the figure of ‘lusofonia’, goes so far as to say that ‘there can not be lusofonia with portugalidade’. But it is not only about misunderstandings, ancient and modern, Luso-tropicalists, neocolonial, or others, that deals with “Da ‘Portugalidade’ à Lusofonia”. This work essays on the possibilities of Lusofonia, not only as a figure but also as a geocultural space, transnational and transcontinental “. And he adds, “Da ‘Portugalidade’ à Lusofonia, it is not just a doctoral thesis among many that are now published in a book. With this thesis, Vítor de Sousa won in 2016 the Mário Quartim Graça Prize from the Casa de América Latina, a prize that distinguished her as the best doctoral thesis, submitted to a competition in Social Sciences, Portugal and Latin America. Through its readers, it is now hoped that Da ‘Portugalidade’ à Lusofonia will be able to continue the struggle not only for the affirmation of the plural difference in which the Portuguese-speaking space lies but also for the recognition of the diversity of the peoples and cultures that constitute it”.

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