Presentation of the book: “Filhos das feiras: uma composição do campo de negócios agreste”

The presentation of the book Filhos das feiras: uma composição do campo de negócios agreste by Márcio Sá is scheduled to January 21, at 2 pm, at the ICS act room.

Márcio Sá’s work refers to the need to understand the way the fairgrounds and their businesses evolved from a common local collective history. “The Northeast of Brazil, more specifically the Agreste de Pernambuco, a rural environment historically interconnected by street fairs (…) has been shaped by changes and continuities”, says Márcio Sá. “While the local cultural, social and economic dynamics are increasingly connected to the contemporary market, on the other, the legacy of the rural, commercial and inland tradition continues to be present in the way of life and work of its inhabitants”, explains the author of the work.

Márcio Sá is a professor at the Agreste Academic Center of the Federal University of Pernambuco, Brazil. He is the author of some books, including Feirantes: quem são e como administram seus negócios. He is co-founder of the Agreste Study and Intervention Group (GEIA) and a member of the Historical Institute of Caruaru (IHC). He studied at Università di Bologna, was a visiting researcher at Trinity College at the University of Dublin and completed his PhD in Sociology at the University of Minho.

These and other questions will be the motto for a discussion commented by Carlos Veiga, a CECS researcher.

[Posted: 13-01-2020]