Open class “Georgian Media Landscape – from Soviet to Polarised Media Model”

The open class “Georgian Media Landscape – from Soviet to Polarised Media Model”, with Tamar Kintsurashvili, will be held on February 29 at 5.30 pm in room 0.07 of Pedagogical Complex 3 (Gualtar).

The guest speaker will provide an overview of the Georgian media landscape since the fall of the Soviet Union, when the country gained independence and the state-owned media were transformed into a private one, as well as current issues specific to the polarized media model and how competing political interests are shaping editorial policies of media outlets. The session will also address specific challenges of a new media ecosystem characterized by external interferences and coordinated inauthentic behavior.

Tamar Kintsurashvili is the founder and executive director of the Media Development Foundation (MDF) and the editor-in-chief of the online portal Myth Detector. Tamar leads media literacy programs for youth and teachers. She is a member of the Deutsche Welle Akademie Media and Information Literacy Experts Network (MILEN) and the UNESCO MIL Alliance nomination committee.
Tamar is the author and co-author of many research papers and publications on Russian information warfare in Ukraine, Anti-gender and anti-LGBTQI mobilization in Georgia, Infodemic, Anti-Western propaganda, etc.
Tamar is an Associate Professor at Ilia State University. She teaches propaganda research methods, media literacy and media self-regulations and ethics. She received an MSc in policy studies from Edinburgh University and MA in journalism from Tbilisi State University.

[Posted: 23-02-2024]