Bettina Martino, next invited speaker of the Permanent Seminar on Media Education

The Argentinean Bettina Martino (Faculty of Political and Social Sciences, at National University of Cuyo, Mendoza) was the protagonist of the April session of the Permanent Seminar of Education for the Media (on 27th, 2:30 pm, ICS auditorium). She talked about “Communicational Thinking in Media Education: Contributions from the Reading of Roger Silverstone”.

The researcher emphasized the centrality of Roger Silverstone to think about education for the media and citizenship, focused on the thought about the other and pointing to the questioning about the adequate distance in the mediated relations at the present time. The importance of the responsibility and regulation of media culture and media education in the different daily spaces was also mentioned.

Defending the viability and utility of education for the media to be constituted as a subfield in the area of communication, she also considered the value of communicational knowledge (when communication is a central factor to explain a phenomenon), crossed with a communicational thought, which explains social phenomena, based on the foundation of an education for the media, critical, integral and widespread in society and its individuals.

Bettina Martino has a degree in Social Communication, and she is an Invited Lecturer of Social Communication Theory II (University of Cuyo, Mendoza, in Argentina) and co-director of the research centre “Investigación y Prácticas en Educación Y Comunicación” [Research in Media Education Practices]. She is, also, PhD student in Social Sciences, at the UNCuyo.


Maria José Brites