Bettina Martino, next invited speaker of the Permanent Seminar on Media Education

The next session of the Permanent Seminar on Media Education is scheduled for April 27th, at 2:30 pm in Sala de Atos (ICS-University of Minho), and will be conducted by Bettina Martino (Faculty of Political and Social Sciences, National University of Cuyo (UNCuyo), Mendoza, Argentina), under the topic “Communication approaches in media education: contributions from the reading of Roger Silverstone”.

Description of the intervention: The diverse perspectives on media education reflect multiple percepetions of the communication processes, their impacts, their framework within societies, speeches, enunciation and circulation. The pedagogical base of communication is a crucial one, as a resource to understand our daily practices. In this session, a cirtical approach of the communication will be provided, according to the contribution of Roger Silverstone in particular, based upon his concept of “media polis” and the responsibility of citizens, their views on the importance of the media education.

About Bettina Martino
She has a degree in Social Communication (with a special mention in Sociology, from FLACSO). She is an Invited Lecturer of Social Communication Theory II (University of Cuyo, Mendoza, in Argentina) and co-director of the research centre “Investigación y Prácticas en Educación Y Comunicación” [Research in Media Education Practices]. She is PhD student in Social Sciences, at the UNCuyo.