Carla Cerqueira presents a book by Cristina L. Duarte

Carla Cerqueira, a CECS researcher, and Ana Maria Brandão, a researcher at the Interdisciplinary Center of Social Sciences, will present, on June 19, at 15:15, in the bookstore Centésima Página, the book “Fashion and Feminisms in Portugal – Gender as a Corset”, by Cristina L. Duarte.

Cristina L. Duarte was born in Lisbon in 1961. Since 1987, her interest in the national forms of urban culture – and in particular fashion – has begun to gain expression in her works of authorship in the national press. Cristina published previously Ana Salazar – An Illustrated Biography (Themes and Debates, 2002), 15 Histories of Habits – Fashion Creators in Portugal (Quimera, 2004), Portuguese Fashion (CTT, 2005), Regional Costumes – Popular Taste, Colors and Shapes (CTT, 2006), and José António Tenente – Traços de União (Medialivros, 2009).

Fashion and gender are the disciplinary areas in which it does research, having collaborated with various faculties in professional schools and institutions of higher education.