CECS hosted Communication Workshop from the IGPM UMinho/Bosch project

The IGPM: Integrated Global Project Management of Industrialization Projects research group, which includes the Communication and Society Research Centre researchers Teresa Ruão and Ana Isabel Lopes, carried out an advanced Workshop for the Bosch Car Multimedia’s Braga unit team. The training event took place on the 16th of May at the Institute of Social Sciences. The goal of the initiative was to give engineering project managers communicational competences to perform their team coordination and stakeholder management functions.

Besides the elements from the University of Minho and Bosch Braga, the Workshop also featured the participation of Lieutenant-Colonel Maria Nunes from the Portuguese Air Force, who spoke about communication management in organisational structures highly hierarchical. Teresa Ruão believes that «understanding the Human Communication process is absolutely essential to the work developed in the management of industrialization projects, as well as the acquisition of skills to plan and manage the flows of social interaction in a strategic way. Moreover, this is an understanding shared by the research team that integrates colleagues from the School of Engineering and from the area of project management at Bosch. The participation of the CECS in this group has been very challenging for the investigators form our house, but, I believe, also enriching for the research in progress».

The project is a part of the TR&D Programme of the consortium between Bosch BrgP and UMinho, designated as Innovative Car HMI.


Teresa Ruão